Custom made, bespoke, multifunctional, cross-platform, complex relational databases... Sounds a bit scary doesnt it?.

Well, it needn't. Think of these databases as simple tools that turn the information and data you already have into data you can easily find and use, all in a simple to use intuitive format. Leave the complex parts to us... After all - it's what we are good at!

We can tailor make a database solution that does exactly what YOU want it to do, based on information that is relevant to you or your business, NOT what someone thinks is relevant to you, like you'll find in any number of 'off the shelf' software packages that you can buy.

These databases can even be linked to your content managed website in real time, making sure that the information available to your audience is exactly what you want it to be, keeping you one step ahead of the competition, without having to go online, log in to your site, make changes, save changes, check the updates etc.

Take our site for example... Our customers can log in to their secure customer area, and be able to see the current status of each part of their 'jobs' in progress, which is updated from our database as soon as any part of the information is updated... It's all about keeping up to date, and keeping ahead.